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Design - Colour Selection

With literally thousands of paint colours to choose from where is the best place to start?

In 1666 a rather clever chap was considering a spot of redecorating and asked himself this very question. Finding his local "Doeth It Yourseldf" establishment rather lacking in design ideas he decided to create a logical colour structure that identified his options. Thus was borne the colour wheel concept and Sir Isaac Newton would no doubt be very pleased to see his notion of colour classification, albeit improved, the generally accepted mode of colour selection some 300+ years later.

The Colour Wheel

The modern colour wheel is based on the three primary colours -yellow, red and blue. As you go round the wheel, mixing together two primary colours make the secondary colours of orange, green and purple. These in turn can be blended together to produce all the shades around the wheel (as shown below).

Colours next to each other on the wheel are considered to be in harmony with each other whereas colours directly opposite are a contrast.

Colour Wheel


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