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Dulux Trade

The Range

All Dulux Trade paints are High Opacity giving greater depth of colour and durability. in addition, on average, Dulux Trade emulsions provide aprox 25 -30% better coverage than cheaper retail equivalents.

All emulsions listed are water based and gloss finishes solvent based. All comply with EU 2010 regulations relating to VOC's.

Download the pdf brochure "Dulux Trade - The Choice of the Professional" for more information.

Trade Vinyl Matt

The Matt finish hides minor imperfections on walls due to the combination of high opacity and low reflectiveness. This type is best suited to low traffic areas as repeated wiping can burnish the painted surface.

Trade Flat Matt

A highly fashionable, aesthetically pleasing, rich and ultra matt flat finish. Very low reflectiveness is particularly suited to period properties where surface imperfections are more prevalent.

Trade Vinyl Silk 

The Silk finish has the advantage of coping with cleaning better than Matt. The increased surface reflectiveness is less susceptible to burnishing. However, wall imperfections are more likely to be noticeable so an unblemished wall surface is required.

Trade Vinyl Soft Sheen

A velvety halfway house between the Matt and Silk finish with similar cleaning characteristics to Silk.

Trade Light & Space

Using revolutionary LumiTec technology this paint is designed to absorb half as much light as ordinary emulsions. It is particularly suited to smaller rooms where the increased light creates a feeling of space.

Available in a restricted colour range and in the following finishes:

  • Vinyl Matt
  • Flat Matt
  • Diamond Matt
  • Diamond Eggshell

Trade Diamond Matt 

The Diamond range not only provides all the normal qualities of the Dulux Trade product but is also designed to withstand repeated cleaning. This hard wearing finish is promoted as being 10 times tougher than normal retail emulsions providing excellent stain resistance and durability.

This top of the range product is particularly suited to high traffic areas e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and stairs in homes, reception and corridors in offices. Its washable characteristics ensure the inherent depth of colour continues to shine through and will provide that freshly painted look for longer. 

Trade Diamond Eggshell

With all the quality characteristic's described above but with a mid sheen finish between Silk and Matt. Often preferred in a kitchen and or bathroom situation.

Trade Ecosure Range

A sustainable water based paint range retaining many of the performance charachteristics of the standard product. Range includes matt emulsion, eggshell, gloss and undercoat. 

Trade Weathershield

An exterior quality masonry emulsion based on an acrylic resin. Contains a fungicide to counteract mould growth which aids in maintaining a clean surface.

Available in Smooth & Textured. The latter helps bridge fine hairline cracks. 

Trade Satinwood

Tough, hard wearing and dirt resistant solvent based satin finish for wood trim.

Trade Diamond Satinwood

A water based top of the range satin finish for wood trim designed to withstand heavy traffic environments. Also available in Eggshell.

Trade High Gloss

Tough durable solvent based gloss finish suitable for exterior and interior finishes on wood and metal trims.