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A simple guide to Quality options

Paint formulations consist of 3 basic ingredients:

  • Pigments - that provide colour and coverage.
  • Binder - which adheres the pigment to the surface and determines durability.
  • Liquids - which give the paint its consistency and evaporates when applied to the surface i.e. water or solvents.

The most expensive ingredients are the pigments and binder (the solids), the least is the liquid. Cheaper paints therefore tend to have a larger proportion of the latter.

A quality paint is generally made up of at least 30% solids and therefore has more "body". When applied to a surface this provides a high level of opacity, greater depth of colour, improved coverage, smoother finish, greater resistance to wear and tear and is longer lasting.

For more detailed information on the subject visit the:

Paint Quality Institute

Trade Paints

On a Lt. for Lt. basis quality trade paints are more expensive than the retail equivalent found in your local DIY store. However, professional decorators choose to use them because they give better value:

  • They have far greater coverage than retail varieties with 25 - 30% not uncommon.
  • The longer lifespan of the product will delay repainting. A three year redecoration period rather than two years is a further saving of 33% not taking into account labour cost.
  • The labour element of any paint project far outweighs the material cost so delaying redecoration due to the quality of the paint used is a significant long term saving.
  • The combination of a quality paint and professional decorator will provide the best possible finish.  

Paint the Town Fred recommends the use of the Dulux Trade range. The following brochure gives some further background on why Dulux Trade is the choice of many professionals:

Dulux Trade - The choice of the professional pdf brochure

Where cost is the primary concern alternative trade brands can offer many of the benefits but with savings over the premium brand. Our recommendation in this instance would be to use

Albany Trade Paint

Designer Paints

These brands tend to be all about the "look" and often include a range of design products e.g. wallpaper, accessories etc alongside the paint colours on offer.

Best known is "Farrow & Ball" which has successfully marketed itself worldwide as a manufacturer of exclusive and elegant paint, using the finest raw materials and traditional formulations, combined with wallpapers that work in harmony with the colour range.

However, their are a number of other brands, listed in the adjacent column some of whom offer an even greater range including coordinated fabrics, tiles and furnishings. 

Paint the Town Fred can price and supply of any of these paint varieties upon request.







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Dulux Trade

Dulux Trade the UK's No 1 Trade Paint


Albany Trade - the cost effective alternative



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Quality & elegance with a traditional feel. 

Little Greene

Class and Sophistication, born out of heritage and colours with the "je ne sais quoi" factor.

 Fired Earth

Contemporary design packages including wall & floor tiles.


Quintessentially English designs with coordinated fabric & wallpaper schemes.


Fabric, wallpaper, carpet, furniture & paint combinations based on quality, heritage and elegance. 

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