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Paint the Town Fred was established by Freddie in 2009.

Freddie made this decision on the basis that although their were some very good local decorators, few of them appeared to be women. However, it rapidly became apparent that reputation and recommendation are the backbone of any decorating enterprise, whatever your gender, so the last 2 years has been a gradual process of building such a business.

With the benefit of experience and a growing number of satisfied clients Freddie is now confident that Paint the Town Fred can offer the complete package. Quality of work, value for money but above all consistent evidence of excellent customer service.

Customer Service

Their are a number of principles that Freddie adopted for her business from the outset and which she believes to be fundamental to the quality of the service she provides:

Reliability. Clients have busy lives and waiting around for people they are paying is unacceptable.

Flexibility. Work with your client to ensure they can live through the experience safely and with the least amount of trauma.

Trustworthy. Treat your clients security like it was your own home and respect their right to privacy.

Add to this some natural female fastidiousness when it comes to project organisation and you will have a good idea of the type of service level Paint the Town Fred prides itself on.

Paint the Town Fred started from small beginnings and has not forgotten its roots. So whether you need one door painted or a whole property you can be assured you will get the same prompt and reliable response.

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